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How to publish a research paper?

Dear authors it is really a challenging problem. Every author faces this basic question how to publish a research paper? If you publish in some bad/predatory journal then your work will not be considered as good. In this blog, I… Continue Reading →

Operating System in the AI era

We use operating system (OS) in our day-to-day life while using mobile phones, home devices, desktops, laptops, and many more devices. Without them most of our devices won’t work at all. We already know that they are a serious piece… Continue Reading →

Machine Learning from Scratch?

Before you start with machine learning from scratch there is a piece of advice I would like to give my readers. The field of machine learning(ML) is a field that needs dedication and a correct mindset. We are dealing with… Continue Reading →

Design a Crawler – 1

This article, Design a Crawler, will contain information about the first phase of the search engine i.e., crawler. In my last article, I had given an overview of the search engine and its working. I will define various functions of… Continue Reading →

Operating System in Era of AI and ML

Operating Systems in the Era of AI and ML talks about how an operating system should be evolved so that it gives a highly personalized experience with utmost privacy and security to its users. Abstract Operating Systems in the Era… Continue Reading →

Automatic Backup of Koha Mysql Database

There have been multiple instances where library professionals tend to lose months or years of their work just due to the negligence of IT professionals. I myself have communicated to many of such professionals whee their entire library database was… Continue Reading →

Design and Development of OS for teaching operating system course -I

This series of articles can be used as a supplement to teaching operating system courses and exercises to help to understand the working of operating systems better. This OS development series is a step-by-step tutorial designed and developed to supplement teaching… Continue Reading →

Firewall [A Beginner’s Guide]

Firewall Introduction So why firewall? This is a question that comes to every person involved in the security of the IT infrastructure of an organization. Every year many cyberattacks happen to our IT infrastructure by hackers. These people have one… Continue Reading →

Code A Custom Search Engine

The title is quite intriguing but interesting. Code a custom search engine for a fun project will extend your knowledge of the field. As a student of computer science, I had always thought about how a search engine works, it… Continue Reading →

Step by Step Guide to Install Koha in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

A step by step guide to demonstrate the installation of latest koha ( Version in Ubuntu 16.04. This is the most easiest guide to install koha in 16.04

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