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Minimal bootloader

A bootloader is a program which loads the prerequisites for the operating system. This tutorial will explain about bootloader design and how it gets fitted in the system. For creating a bootloader  first we must setup the development environment system… Continue Reading →

To setup development environment for your os

[toc] This tutorial will explain you to setup a development environment for your own operating system. For windows users I presume that they have gone through the previous article on ubuntu on windows. This article will be used after Ubuntu… Continue Reading →

ubuntu on windows

This tutorial is for all those viewers who have Windows operating system or Ubuntu installed in their system. This tutorial will explain the following points:-

How to install Virtual Machine( Virtualbox) in your system?
How to install Linux (Ubuntu) in your virtual machine?
Some basic commands to getting stared.

Planning your toy os

Planning the development is a critical issue. As we must know our objectives and milestones that we would like to achieve. For the design of our system we will stick to some basic¬†functionalities of an operating system:- boot a computer… Continue Reading →

Design and Development of Operating System for teaching operating system course

Operating systems always fascinated me. whenever I used to teach OS. I always used to think why can’t we give hands on experience to the students on the subject. Operating systems are really hard to code and it needs skills, understanding of and technique. It needs strong skills in Assembly language, C programming and system internals, knowledge of interrupts and many other.

Moodle: An open source content management system for academic institutions.

An article on moodle, which is an open source course management system for academic institutions. This article explains how moodle is beneficial for an academic institution.

Revolution OS : A story of hackers

Revolution OS is a story of hackers who rebelled against proprietary software and a movement was started against microsoft called GNU.

Artificial Vision -I : Getting comfortable with technology

The story is just some time back, probably last year. When I was delivering a lecture on Open Source and Computer Programming with ‘C’, where I explained about them about opens source and computer vision. This entire article is narration… Continue Reading →

Usage of Open Source in industry : A study

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