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This tutorial is for all those viewers who have Windows operating system or Ubuntu installed in their system. This tutorial will explain the following points:-

  1. How to install Virtual Machine( Virtualbox) in your system?
  2. How to install Linux (Ubuntu) in your virtual machine?
  3. Some basic commands to getting stared.

Lets start the process.

  1. Download the Virtuabox software from virtualbox.org. The process is same for Linux users instead download  deb file from here.12
  2. After download install the software by double clicking the installer.
  3. Now download Ubuntu ISO Image from here.
  4. After installation of virtualbox now let us create a virtual machine, so that we can install Linux on it. For Linux users all the further steps are same. Click on New icon in the toolbox.
  5. Type Ubuntu in Name and click next.
  6. Set memory size as 512 MB.
  7. Create a virtual hard drive now by clicking create button.
  8. Keep the hard drive file type as VDI. Click next
  9. Keep the storage on physical hard drive as dynamically allocated. Click next. Select all defaults now.
  10. Finally you will see the following screen.
  11. Now, since we have installed the virtual machine, we will now attach out ISO image of our Ubuntu system that we have downloaded in step 3.
  12. Click on settings icon on the toolbar.
  13. Click on Storage option.
  14. Now click on CD icon with plus sign near Controller : IDE option.
  15. Now click on Choose disk button to select the ISO Image.
  16. Select the ISO Image.
  17. Now yo are ready to install your Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop Operating system on Windows.
  18. To start the install now click on arrow button start. This will start your virtual machine.
  19. The installation will now ask you to install Ubuntu so click install.
  20. Click on continue.
  21. Select “Erase disk and install Ubuntu” and then click on continue.
  22. After some 10 minutes it will then ask you to fill some of the entries.
  23. Installation  will start and after it finishes it will ask you to reboot so then press enter from the keyboard to reboot.
  24. After the system restarts. It will then ask you to enter the password of the username you set during installation.
  25. Ubuntu Desktop after system starts.

The last figure show the Ubuntu desktop from where you can start your work. To make yourself familiar with the system follow the links below.


Some of the articles on Ubuntu Vs Windows:

  1. http://www.zdnet.com/blog/open-source/ubuntu-12-04-vs-windows-8-five-points-of-comparison/10900
  2. http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/is-ubuntu-really-an-alternative-to-windows/
  3. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2013431/10-reasons-to-choose-ubuntu-12-10-over-windows-8.html
  4. http://betanews.com/2013/05/28/dear-linux-im-leaving-you-for-windows-8/
  5. http://www.networkworld.com/reviews/2013/070113-ubuntu13-271251.html
  6. http://www.ubuntu.com/tour/en/

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